The more than 300 members of the European Association of Law and Economics are scholars and others who are involved in the study and application of Law and Economics in various legal and policy areas. By becoming a member of EALE you will not only join this distinguished group, but also be entitled to participate in the Association’s General Assembly at the Annual Conference, including voting on the Association’s resolutions and the appointment of the Management Board. Members of the Association also receive EALE announcements to their registered email address, as well as have the possibility to share announcements with the EALE community. They also gain full access to the online list of EALE members including contact information.

One becomes a member of EALE (or renews membership) at the time of registering to the Annual Conference or by submitting an online application.

Yearly membership fees:

  • €50
    Regular membership
  • €30
    Students (including Ph. D. students)

When joining EALE (or renewing membership) at the time of registering to the Annual Conference, membership fees are paid together with the conference fees. In case of joining (or renewing) at other times please use the online form and submit your payment via paypal. You will receive confirmation of your membership by email. Membership runs from the payment date. A member who has not paid membership fees for 2 consecutive years loses membership (Article 5 of the EALE Articles of Association).