Detailed Program

Day 1 -- Thursday 20th September

10:15-11:45 - Parallel Sessions 1

Parallel Sessions 1
Mafia - Organized Crime (I)
U3 01
Mario Gara
Giorgio Di Maio, Lucia Dalla Pellegrina, donato masciandaro, Margherita Saraceno
I-type and II-type errors in reporting suspicious money laundering transactions
Litterio Mirenda, Sauro Mocetti, Lucia Rizzica
The real effects of ’Ndrangheta: firm level evidence
Mario Gara, Michele Giammatteo
U3 02
Doron Teichman
Frank Fagan, Urmee Khan
Optimal Legal Moments and Stabilization Rules
Competition Law and the Technology Sector
U3 03
Peter van Wijck
Miriam Buiten
Regulating Data Giants: Between Competition Law and Data Protection Law
Peng Peng
Big Data in Merger and Antitrust Cases and its Economic Characteristics
International Trade
U3 04
Adriana Espés Pizarro
Jan S. Voßwinkel, Laura Birg
Adriana Espés Pizarro
Is the glass half empty or half full? Rethinking Negative and Positive Listing in Trade in Services Agreements
U3 09
Maurizio Lisciandra
Yolanda F. Rebollo-Sanz, Nuria Rodriguez Planas, Jesus Rodriguez Lopez
Maurizio Lisciandra, Emanuele Millemaci, Daniela Andreatta, Serena Favarin
The Determinants of Waste Crime: Empirical Evidence from Italy
Tort law
U3 10
Dominique Demougin
Dominique Demougin, Claudine DESRIEUX
Market Platforms: Who Should Pay for Damages?

14:15-15:45 - Parallel Sessions 2

Parallel Sessions 2
Mafia - Organized Crime (II)
U3 01
Paolo Pinotti
Gianmarco Daniele
Doing Business Below the Line: Screening, Mafias and European Funds
paolo pinotti, piero stanig
Sowing the Mafia: A Natural Experiment
Litigation (Theory and Empirics)
U3 02
Florian Baumann
Cédric Argenton, Xiaoyu Wang
Naci Mocan, Samantha Bielen, Wim Marneffe
Racial Bias and In-group Bias in Judicial Decisions:Evidence from Virtual Reality Courtrooms
Florian Baumann, Volker Benndorf, Maria Friese
U3 03
Jaroslaw Beldowski
Piotr Bystranowski, Bartosz Janik, Maciej Próchnicki
Anchoring effect in judicial decision-making: a meta-analysis
Jaroslaw Beldowski, Wojciechowski Wiktor, Lukasz Dabros
A review of methods of measuring the judiciary output – a case of commercial district courts in Poland
Evaluation of Competition Policy
U3 04
Svetlana Golovanova
Empirical Analyses of Law, Enforcement and Punishment
U3 09
Roee Sarel
Do wrongfully convicted defendants receive higher punishments?
Paul Fenn, Neil Rickman
An Empirical Analysis of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act
Benjamin Monnery, Anaïs Henneguelle
Prison, Semi-Liberty and Recidivism: Bounding Causal Effects in a Survival Model

16:15-17:45 - Parallel Sessions 3

Parallel Sessions 3
Empirical Law and Economics (I)
U3 01
Giuseppe Dari Mattiacci
Florencia Marotta-Wurgler, Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci
Alexander Stremitzer, Sven Hoeppner, Russell Korobkin
Delegated Promises
Behavioral Law and Economics; Experiments (I)
U3 02
Francesco Parisi
Catherine Roux, Christian Thöni, Andreas Freitag
Communication and Market Sharing Agreements: An Experiment on the Exchange of Soft and Hard Information
Daphna Lewinsohn-Zamir
Takings: Insights from Behavioral Law and Economics
Alice Guerra, Francesco Parisi
Accident Aversion: An Experiment
Crime and Law Enforcement
U3 03
Romain Espinosa
Murat Mungan
Justifications, Excuses, and Affermative Defenses
Romain Espinosa
Scamming and Reputation of Drug Dealers on Darknet Markets
U3 04
Cesar Mattos
Thomas FAGART, Willem Boshoff
Collusion, Capacity Choice and Damage Estimation
Corporate Law (I)
U3 09
Alessio Pacces
JUAN S. MORA-SANGUINETTI, Corinna Ghirelli, Daniel Dejuan
Antonio Vazquez, Cristina Grande-Herrera, Beatriz García Osma
Labor Protection and Earnings Management
Day 2 -- Friday 21st September

9.00-10.30 - Parallel Sessions 4

Parallel Sessions 4
Public Regulation of Markets
U3 01
Ramajoli Margherita
Eugenio Bruti Liberati
Independent Regulation and Industrial Policy in SGEI Liberalized Markets
Monica Delsignore
The Fourth Railway Package: the Last Stop on the Journey to Liberalization?
Behavioral Law and Economics; Experiments (II)
U3 02
Matteo Rizzolli
Eyal Zamir
Sven Hoeppner, Svenja Hippel
Biased Judgements of Fairness in Bargaining: A Replication in the Laboratory
Matteo Rizzolli, Pietro Battiston, Simona Gamba, Valentina Rotondi
Dispute resolution and Information
U3 03
Claudine Desrieux
Benjamin Shmueli, Moshe Phux
Personalized Law and Evidence-Based Judicial Decision Making: Using Information from Previous Proceedings
DESRIEUX Claudine, Malin ARVE
Should parties appoint for arbitrators?
Compliance and Liability
U3 05
John Dillbary
Alexander Rasch, Florian Baumann
Product liability, price discrimination, and directions of use
John Dillbary, Cherie Metcalf, Brock Stoddard
Evidence of But-For Causation: An Experimental Analysis
Empirical Analysis in Administrative Law
U3 10
Pagani Laura
Jarosław Bełdowski, Piotr Ciżkowicz, Andrzej Rzońca, Wiktor Wojciechowski
Fiscal devaluation, product market regulations and EU economic activity: sector- levelperspective
Pagani Laura, Alessandro Santoro, Gabriele Mazzolini
The deterrence effect of real-world operational tax audits

13.45-15.15 - Parallel Sessions 5

Parallel Sessions 5
Public international law
U3 01
Josephine van Zeben
A. Rowell
Miracles and Catastrophes
B. Huber
End-of-Life Issues for Energy Assets
A. Rowell, J. van Zeben
Value of Ignorance
Institutions and Collective Action
U3 02
Wolfgang Weigel
Marco Lambrecht, Joerg Oechssler, Peter Duersch
Duk Gyoo Kim
Litigation and Courts - Empirical Analyses
U3 03
Giovanni Battista Ramello
Keren Weinshall, Ifat Taraboulos
Equal in the Eyes of the Law? Pro-Plaintiff Cost Shifting in Civil Procedures
Giovanni Battista Ramello, Alessandro Melcarne, Paige Marta Skiba
Judicial Decision Making and Delay in Italian Small Claims Courts
Competition Law and Jurisprudence
U3 04
Christine Zulehner
Miroslava Marinova, Kai-Uwe Kühn
The role of the ‘as efficient competitor’ test after the CJEU judgement in Intel
Christine Zulehner, Klaus Gugler, Michael Weichselbaumer
Evaluation of bidding groups in first-price auctions
Corporate Governance
U3 09
Vittoria Cerasi
Antonio B. Vazquez
Shareholders vs. Stakeholders: Evidence from Non-Shareholder Constituencies Acts on Payout Policy.
Vittoria Cerasi, Maria Rosa Battaggion
Lawmaking in Europe
U3 10
Wojciech Rogowski
Wojciech Rogowski, Kamil Jonski
Assessing the Implementation of RIA Reform in Poland- how government’s assessments square with business community views

15.45-17.15 - Parallel Sessions 6

Parallel Sessions 6
Public Regulation of Markets
U3 01
Hans Schaefer
Theoretical Analysis of Intellectual and Other Property Rights
U3 02
Fabrizio Esposito
Emanuela Carbonara, Giuseppina Gianfreda, Enrico Santarelli, Giovanna Vallanti
Intellectual property right protection and productivity: constitutional vs. ordinary laws?
U3 03
Avraham Tabbach
Yannick Gabuthy, Eve-Angeline Lambert, Tim Friehe
On settlement implications of lawyer advertising
Shay Lavie, Avraham Tabbach
Settlements without Negotiation: The Promise of Bargaining Protocols
Labor Law, Immigration and Discrimination
U3 04
Alice Guerra
Joseph Sabia, Dhaval Dave, Taylor Mackay, Thanh Tam Nguyen
Chiara Natalie Focacci
Training and the EU Youth Guarantee: A Regression Discontinuity Design
Alice Guerra, Brooke Harrington
Tax Evasion and Attitudes Towards Immigration: An Experimental Analysis
Theoretical Analysis of Regulation and Liability
U3 05
Luigi Franzoni
Tim Friehe, Florian Baumann
Efficiency of strict liability and negligence with search for precautionary measures
Cross-Country Studies of Rights
U3 09
Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska
Dean Lueck
The Origins and Extent of Environmental Agencies
Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska, Jacek Lewkowicz
Post-Socialist “Illiberal Democracies”: Do De Jure Constitutional Rights Matter?
Day 3 -- Saturday 22nd September

9.00-10.30 - Parallel Sessions 7

Parallel Sessions 7
Experiments on Judges' decision-making
U3 01
Stefania Ottone
Oren Gazal-Ayal
When a Punishment Becomes a Prize - The Case of Suspended Sentences
Stefania Ottone, Ferruccio Ponzano, Margherita Saraceno, Luca Zarri
Miscarriage of Justice in Judges’ Mind: Theory and Evidence from the Lab
Empirical Law and Economics (II)
U3 02
Joseph Sabia
Elliott Ash, Daniel CHEN, Wei Lu
The (Non-)Polarization of U.S. Ciruit Court Judges, 1930-2013
U3 03
Gabriel Doménech-Pascual
Alessandro Melcarne, Giovanni Battista Ramello, Spruk Rok
Why is litigation so costly to growth?
Contract Design
U3 04
Yonathan Arbel
Law, Courts and Politics
U3 05
Bruno Meyerhof Salama
Samantha Bielen, Peter Grajzl, Wim Marneffe
Blame Based on One's Name? Extralegal Disparities in Criminal Conviction and Sentencing
Bruno Meyerhof Salama, Bernardo Guimaraes
Deterrence and Legal Design
U3 09
Andrew Samuel

11.00-12.30 - Parallel Sessions 8

Parallel Sessions 8
Empirical Analysis of Law and Institutions
U3 01
Amedeo Argentiero
Amedeo Argentiero, Bruno Chiarini, Elisabetta Marzano
Does social capital affect waste management?
Legal Mechanisms
U3 03
Massimiliano Vatiero
Ronen Perry
Crowdfunding Civil Justice
Corporate Law (II)
U3 04
Anne Lafarre
Martin Gelter
The Effects of Defensive Regulatory Competition: A Panel Analysis of Cross-Border Incorporations in Europe
Sophie Harnay, Fabienne Llense, Antoine Rebérioux, Gwenael Roudaut
Comparing the effectiveness of codes of governance vs. legislative quotas to achieve gender balance in boards: a study of the French and British experiences
U3 05
Alessandro Santoro
Joanna Tyrowicz
Corporate Income Tax and Firm Efficiency
Adam Spencer
Policy Effects of International Taxation on Firm Dynamics and Capital Structure
Alessandro Santoro, Nicola Sartori, Pietro Battiston